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Lets Talk Electric Vehicles

When individuals think about getting into a new vehicle some things important to consider may be lost in the process of vehicle shopping or budgeting. Some things you may forget to ask yourself is:

What does it mean when my sales representative says “good on gas”? 

Can I afford to fill my tank regularly ? 

How reliable is this vehicle? How expensive is this to repair? Are parts readily available for me at a reasonable price? 

The most important thing to consider when driving electric is which environment they will be enduring. Electric vehicles unlike gas are not the best for rigid cold weather and off road experiences. The biggest drain on your battery will be heating up your vehicle. So on the upside your vehicle will not majorly break down in winter weather, however it will not be the most reliable when it comes to battery strength during the winter. You can consider an electric vehicle almost perfect for your city driving fantasies. Electric vehicles are known mostly for their gentle finger print on the environment compared to gas powered vehicles. These vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These pollutants contribute to air pollution and climate change. The only greenhouse gas emissions associated with your electric car are from the generation of electricity. Likewise electric vehicles should be more reliable than regular petrol vehicles because of their internal combustion engine, they have fewer moving parts and less complexity. Electric vehicles tend to be less prone to suffer mechanical woes than gas-powered models. They utilize an electric motor and a simple single-speed transmission, which eliminates over two-dozen mechanical components that could fail or wear out and need replacing.